Lichtschale Edition "Night" (Metallic-Schwarz/Gold)

Lichtschale Edition "Night" (Craquelée-Weiß/Silber)

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Inimitably. Illuminating. Exclusive. These are the luxurious light bowls by Gunda Loch from Southern Germany. Due to their distinctive and irregularly jagged frame, they are reminiscent of ostrich egg-halfs and they are made out of clay. The novelty of these exclusive pieces is their sheer and extremely delicate design, with a material thickness of only one to two millimeters! The artist, who resides in the Stuttgart area, has perfected this sophisticated production technique since 1976. "My intentions were", she tells, "to manipulate and process the material clay, as you wouldn't expect - sheer, translucent, comparable to delicate china."


In metallic-black/gold and craquelée-white/silver, both variations of the bobeches come to life when a tea light is placed in their center. This wellness-object exudes a discreet shimmer which translates into a mood-lightening, elegant and calming atmosphere. Placed in a key position, this premium vessel proves to be a highlight in any room, providing a visual accent and creating a particularly charming ambience. Obviously, an eye-catcher like this guarantees sophisticated and precious "enlightenment".